Teachable Moments


I am currently gearing up for a girl scout meeting with 18 girls this week.  As their leader, I am continuously looking for ways to engage them the community where we all live.  Recently two opportunities have presented themselves as wonderful options for these girls to engage themselves in advocacy in action and I can’t wait to get them involved in both activities. I will present them with the ideas this week and look forward to the months ahead as we plan, implement and engage others in our activities!

Community projects are not new to these girls.  Since they were in kindergarten I have encouraged them to engage in all types of service work in hopes that they would learn the importance of giving back.  And I am always amazed at how receptive they are to the idea of giving back every time it comes up.  They all have huge hearts that have already crossed global boundaries and have made a difference in the lives of so many.  In our upcoming endeavors I am hopeful that they will again impact global efforts to help children and make a difference in the society that we live in as women and girls.

In past years these girls have already written letters to Senators, provided food for the homeless, made blankets for hospitalized patients, cleaned up parks, developed bullying awareness campaigns including PSA’s.  They have worked with the elderly, offered holiday cheer through full stockings for DCFS, they have packed boxes for troops overseas, and made an impact in their own communities through volunteer hours, donations and services.

Often times people assume that kids have little impact on the world around them.  I beg to differ.  I think because they are kids they can often make a bigger impact than adults.  They don’t have anything to stop them from coming up with a great idea or asking the compelling questions.  They have no history of what should and shouldn’t be done in any given situation.  They aren’t afraid to try and they aren’t afraid to fail.  They are motivated by the pure idea that they can actually help others.

This is our last year as a troop…which is bittersweet for me.  I can’t say I’m going to miss the year-long planning and scheduling or the record keeping and paper work.  However, what I will miss is the chance to watch the girls in action as a group,  the smiles they have when they feel good about the things they are doing and even the chance to see them navigate conflict and successfully resolve a problem on their own.  Although, I take no credit in these milestones…they did these all on their own.  I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from more than 30 young ladies over the last 7 years.  As their Girl Scout leader the assumption would be that I am teaching them something at meetings or events…however, it is very much the opposite.  They have taught me more than they could ever have imagined.  They are truly amazing and diverse young women who have reached out to others and truly made a difference and I am thankful to have been here to watch it unfold for them.

So watch for more to come as our years together come to an end.  I will surely be bragging about their accomplishments over the next few months and will be telling the world about all that they can do!  


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