Redefining November


Me, Grandma Miller and my cousin, who has a birthday in November!  So that is a GOOD November thing since she will also be 40 this year!!

The leaves are falling from the trees…it is getting colder outside…the days are getting shorter….all signs we have hit the month of November.   November has historically been a rough month for our family.  I lost 3 of my 4 grandparents in the month of November so it has a particularly negative feeling for me because it is filled with so much loss.  However, there are some good things in November too, but it seems that the negative life altering moments are the ones that have defined November for me, unfortunately.

So…to redefine November for myself, a couple of years ago I decided to work harder to make it great month again.  That was the year that I started taking a journey of thankfulness each day of November to remind myself that it really is a good month and I have a lot to be thankful for every day of the year.   I figured “why not” let ALL my “friends” see what I was doing and share in my little moments.  For all I knew it would make someone else smile too.  And who couldn’t use a little smile in such a gloomy month anyway?

So it started out on November 1 and I posted every day during the month of November.  My thankful posts ranged from something as magnificent as a sunrise to friendships that have spanned more than 25 years.  I was reminded of the great family I am lucky to be surrounded by.  I found myself revisiting memories on specific days that made me smile.  I found delight in the simple things -such as a hug from my kids.  If you are a facebook user, you’ll know what I mean when I say I got a lot of “likes” along the way.

November 30th brought the end of November – as it always does.  We were now in the joyful holiday season and the world around me seemed a little bit brighter and I was a little bit more grateful as well.  Grateful for the little moments that I thought I forgot, the daily blessings that I overlooked on a busy morning before school, or a smile that came from remembering an old friend with fondness.

I then tucked away those memories and went about my year.  Then, before I knew it, there it was…another November.   And I did it again…I took a public journey of Thanks on Facebook.  And much to my delight…I found that others were dong it too!  I found more posts every day, with thanks for both big and small events in others lives and I found myself looking forward to seeing others posts and what they were thankful for!  The big and the small things…all added up to one thankful group of “friends” on line!  It was truly amazing to see in a month that drags us kicking and screaming into winter.

So….here I am again…at the start of November.  And once again, I started my daily posts for November 2012…and once again, I see more and more people posting on their own facebook wall too!  I don’t plan to take credit for any of their thankful journeys – I know it had nothing to do with me – what I do see, especially in November, is that people realize how lucky they are – regardless of circumstances – which is why it is labeled “the month of thanks”, I suppose.  That is what makes it a great time to publicly proclaim the things that you might take for granted or miss, in, say, June.

So…I invite all of you to take this journey with me.  Take a minute each day to find something you are thankful for and share that with others.  It will amaze you what you think of and who you will touch along the way.  Not only will you find it rewarding for yourself, but you will touch others in ways you could never imagine.   It takes only a second and at the end of the month you will find that you might have also redefined November, in ways you may never thought possible, for yourself too!

Good Luck and THANKS for reading to the end!


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