I only eat my M&M’s in quantities of 3…


Yep, that’s right.  When I eat M&M’s candies I only eat 3 at a time and I prefer that they be two of the same color and 1 different color.   It might be two blue and one orange or one green and two red – but always in 3’s and always in a 2/1 color combo.  Crazy right?  Maybe.  But it does offer me some stability in the craziness that takes over my days, sometimes, I guess.  

So…today, while I snacked on a handful of M&M’s broken out in 3’s (crashing my 2013 goal to lose a couple pounds) I thought of my blog, that I have been so neglectful of at the start of 2013.  I haven’t written since November… but I’m sure you can relate …the holidays are busy, the kids are home from school, the weather is colder and it’s cold and flu season.  Life just gets in the way sometimes.  

So, with the start of 2013 I wanted to state that I am not a believer in making resolutions, per se.  I do believe in setting goals and working to achieve them – but I will not engulf myself in guilt if I fail, because in my eyes failure is good.  Failure allows you to learn from the experience, change it and do it again – only better.  And sometimes, if you are lucky, you get to succeed and still get a do-over to make what you already did, better!  

Those are my favorite kinds of do-overs.  The ones that build on the original success to become really great!  I’m really looking forward to returning to Washington, DC in February to serve as a mentor at the UN Foundation Shot@Life Summit.  My experience last year was amazing and I can only imagine this “do-over” will top the experience beyond compare.  I am also looking forward to returning to the Jamaican schools late in the year to work with local children for a day.  That is an experience I would do over again and again.  

But I would be wrong if I didn’t admit that as my kids get older there are things I wish I could do over and can’t.  As I sat a volleyball game on hard metal bleachers last weekend, the conversation came up about how busy all our schedules are running kids around on any given weekend…and one mom looked at me and solemnly said “as much as we complain about it, I’m sure we’ll miss it one day, though.”  And she is right.  We will.  And those are the things we won’t be able to do-over.  Our kids will have grown up and we won’t get to try again.  

So, I have decided to make my number one goal for 2013 to try to enjoy more of the year and not wish for many do-overs.  A lofty goal, I know… but without the goal, there is now way to tell if I succeeded, right?  

And, well,  I’d be lying if I didn’t say that coming in at a close second is to try harder to just eat my M&M’s any way I want!

Cheers to a Happy 2013 and eating YOUR M&M’s exactly the way you like!  



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