And They’re Off…


I am privileged to be in the air headed to DC right now to participate in the Shot@Life Summit for the second year in a row. Over the past year I have come to truly enjoy the advocacy that I have done to help children around the world receive lifesaving vaccines that they may otherwise not receive. I also consider myself privileged because my own children have access to vaccines to keep them healthy – something that every mother wants – but sometimes cannot offer.

Over the last few weeks we have been virtually introduced to the many new Shot@Life Champions that will be arriving in DC later today to learn, share and connect – all for children and the potential to save lives. The excitement and energy that is apparent among the new champs is overwhelming. Without even meeting them face to face I can already tell they are a truly amazing group of people who will make a huge impact for Shot@Life!

As I look back at the year since I was first invited to participate with Shot@Life I can truly say I feel like I have made a difference. I helped raise thousands of dollars which helped to vaccinate hundreds of kids and met with legislators to discuss support for Shot@Life – all of which I feel truly did make a difference.

Whether I was making Shot@Life ornaments, running a birthday donation event, serving cupcakes to friends while we talked about Shot@Life or hanging out with 18 tween girls who were writing letters to our senator advocating for vaccine program support – it was always at the front of my efforts during the year. But going into year two – I have set my own bar higher and look forward to the things to come! Bigger events, more dollars raised and ultimately – more lives saved. I am incredibly excited about the next few days as Shot@Life grows it’s champion base, expands its reach and increases our advocacy.

It will be just like watching a horse race, I imagine. If you have ever been to the horse races you know how it goes… the trainers train the horses to run their best race every time…they line them all up and wait for the shot…the gate flies open and they’re off! Only in our race we will all cross the line as winners because there is no first place in our race…one life saved through whatever means can be used is a winning race on the books! So…during the next few days, and the coming year, the race is on – the race to give kids a shot@butterfly kisses, a shot@first love, a shot@a first day of school and ultimately a shot@Life!

SALatCapitalOn your mark, get set….GO!


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