How Does History Happen?


It’s “stupid simple”… By arming more than 250 passionate, committed, advocates with the skills and tools they need to make it happen!

The past few days I saw this passion, commitment and these advocacy skills first hand at the Shot@Life Summit in DC.  The energy was intense, the passion overflowing and the skills these amazing advocates already have are beyond compare!

Shot@Life Visits the HillImagine a sea of lime green marching onto Capitol Hill to spread our message to more than 100 members of Congress!  But the best part…really…. it that IT REALLY HAPPENED!  We spent an entire afternoon talking with our legislators about Shot@Life and the importance of global vaccines. We spent the afternoon creating relationships with these offices.  We spent the afternoon learning from each other.  But Ultimately we spent the afternoon working to save lives from preventable diseases.

But the energy didn’t stop there!  It just kept going.  The planning and the collaboration that sparked, the goals that were set and the challenges we put before ourselves were all part of the ultimate goal – to help to save the lives of children.   Why, you ask?

Our stories vary for why we would commit our time to this cause.  But whatever it is – there is always the common thread that no one deserves to die from something that can be prevented.  1 in 5 children die every year from a preventable disease…but to those of you who have read here before you already know that!  But did you know that 99% of polio cases have been eliminated?  It’s amazing the number of people who don’t realize we are SO close to eradicating Polio from the globe!  We only have 1% to go!  And did you know that $1 can help get that polio vaccine to the 3 countries that still have recorded cases – Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan.   That’s right!  Think about it – imagine how you can help make this reality?  Mabye give up your coffee shop coffee for a week – that would provide about 25 children with the polio vaccine!  Or what if you rented a movie instead of going to the theater – you would provide about 20 kids with the polio vaccine!  Imagine what could happen if everyone gave up just one weekly activity and donated it back to helping be part of one of the most important things that may ever happen in our lifetime – the eradication of polio.  Can you imagine?

Yes, there are 250 of us trained in our cause – and yes, there are thousands more supporting our efforts across the nation – but even with that, we can’t do it alone… we need you to help us.  So…in the coming year as we support the need to eliminate a disease that has harmed and killed so many already… I hope you will offer your support.  And when I say “support” I understand that not everyone can offer financial support – so, if you find yourself in that situation, then I ask for your support in helping to spread the word and let others know how they can help end polio once and for all!

So…as I wait for my plane to board and head back home today – I an energized, inspired and amazed by the people I met this week!  I am ready to hit the ground running and ask for your help when I do… I will charge you with this challenge and ask, in 2013, how will YOU help save the lives of children and change the world?  I know what I am going to do to give kids a shot@becoming a congressperson, making a difference in their own world and ultimately giving them a Shot@Life – do you?


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