The ASK is in the thAnKS


This week some of the Chicago Shot@Life champs joined me to visit our Senators offices to thank them for their overwhelming support, and introduction of SR 270, in support of polio eradication,  in October.  Senator’s Kirk (R-IL) and Durbin (D-IL) have been regular supporters of global vaccines and the mission of Shot@Life over the last two years and have very often co-sponsored resolutions on issues we advocate for every day.


photo 5

As advocates, we often head to the Hill, or to district offices, with an “ask” for our meetings.  However, there are times that it is ok to simply stop in to say hello and “thanks for your support”.  At our meeting on Monday our regular contact was incredibly grateful for our personal “thanks”, so our meeting was a success in our eyes.  Just as successful was our meeting in Senator Durbin’s office where we were able to add another contact to our list of office staffers in that office.  This particular staff member had done his homework about Shot@Life and was also pleased to accept our generous “thanks” for the Senator’s support and co-sponsorship of SR 270.

Being grateful for support is sometimes lost in the shuffle post meeting.  And most certainly when it is an action that a Senator or Congressman took that benefits our cause.  That “thanks” might be what gets you the meeting next time you call, when you do have the “ask” you want to make, so don’t forget to make it happen – either in person or in writing – because you never know what door it might open for you later down the road.



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