My PTA journey began the year my daughter started kindergarten in 2005.  I have served in multiple roles in the PTA at all levels.  Most recently I was chosen as a Social Media Ambassador for the National PTA helping the association to disseminate their message through social media outlets and blogs.  I also was selected to attend a special Grassroots Advocacy Training of Trainers in DC in 2011.  With this training I am able to share how to be a great advocate throughout the US with other PTA leaders, members and associations.

At a state level I spent three years as the Membership Marketing Director for the Illinois PTA serving more than 130,000 members throughout the state.  Additionally, I served as the 2013 Convention Coordinator for the 2013 state convention and I currently serve as the social media consultant for the association in Illinois.

On a local level I currently serve as the 1st VP of Programs for the Northwest Suburban Council PTA which serves more than 20 schools in the Northwest Suburbs.  I have held various positions at a local level including, President and VP of Membership, and VP of Legislation working on legislative issues concerning PTA members  issues and members.

PTA is an association that offers a variety of resources to parents, families and schools.  As an advocacy association the PTA is continuously working to better schools for all students as they work to offer every child, one voice.

Grassroots Advocacy Trainees at National PTA Headquarters in 2011.


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