In December 2011 I was chosen as a Shot@Life Champion to attend training for a global immunization campaign.  Did you know that every 20 seconds a child dies from a preventable disease.  $20 could save that life.  It is simple math.  I have been working to educate and bring awareness to others about the campaign through multiple efforts and I know that together we can, in fact, give children around the world a shot @:

a first smile, their first steps, saying I love you for the first time, going to school, picking dandelions for their mom, learning to kick a ball, blowing bubbles, playmates, sibling rivalry, temper tantrums, knowing grandparents, more hugs, puppy dog kisses, singing out loud…at life.

In 2012 I was asked to return to as a Shot@Life Mentor for the campaign.  I have raised hundreds of dollars for Shot@Life, taken multiple advocacy actions, visited Capital Hill in Washington DC to speak with legislators about global vaccine support and ultimately, I have helped to save lives around the world.

To learn more about Shot@Life please visit: and pledge your support today.

With fellow champions, Myrdin and Felisa.


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